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Chemicals are essential to life on Earth. Nowadays, chemicals become a part of daily life. As we are wake up, we start using the chemicals. In earlier days, there is no this much usage of chemicals. Humans have evolved compounds to use for sanitation, preserving foods, treating all diseases, and raising crop yields. Although various chemicals are beneficial to human beings and, others are harmful to other creatures.

For example, our medicines entirely made up of chemicals. We use toothpaste early in the morning, even it is also a mixture of chemicals.

As coming to the Benefits and drawbacks of chemicals:

  • The chemical meets the needs of society. Antibiotics, people are dying from an infection caused by a little scratch or something like bitten by any animal. If we caught by cold or fever, we take a tablet; then, we will get a cure in less than a day. By this, we can do our daily work without any break.
  • Most of the beauty products are also contain chemicals. Hand washing, soap, hair oil, perfumes, and cosmetics are things that we use daily, including compounds. When coming to the food items, the food items the available other than homemade all contain food preservatives, food colors, artificial sweetening agents, artificial flavors, etc. vinegar were the first food preservatives and inhibited the increase of microorganisms. Some chemicals are usually added to foods to slow down the oxidation process.
  • Considering the population growth crisis, we need to produce the required quantity of food by the old and traditional methods. We cannot get the necessary amount of food by using chemicals and pesticides. We can get more yielding.
  • Sanitation involves all of the measures used for the removal, therapy, and disposal of decay. The wastewater therapy process is an example of hygiene.  Charcoal is usually a form of carbon, is used to strain confinements from water.  Chlorine regularly used to kill bacteria as well as other microorganisms.
  • Risks explain how the chemical may negatively affect the environment and create unsafe conditions for people. Using medicines leads to some side effects. For example, if we are consuming antibiotics, there are mainly used to kill the virus that presents in our body, as this medicine will kill the required bacteria that show in our collection. Due to this, it leads to some other diseases or side effects. As we are using artificial or chemical fertilizers, it gives more yielding, but it also made the soil lost its fertility. Fertilized food also leads to some health disorders. Some of the food chains are getting affected; some of the living organisms are getting disappeared completely. However, some pesticides, such as DDT, can have harmful effects on the plants they not intended to kill.

There are many chemical suppliers available in the world like Lizard Labs USA who provides genuine chemical products. Also, the procedure of weighing the potential harm of using a new technique against its growth is called a risk-benefit investigation. Some people have an allergy to food preservatives, an immune response to proteins in certain foods.





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