Understand the different categories of spy cameras

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Getting to know the concept

A spy camera, alternatively called a hidden camera, is a conspicuous video camera that generally does not come under the direct view of the naked eye. In other words, the basic function of it is to record videos of people without their knowledge or awareness. Used for a variety of purposes, starting from security to personal reasons, their application has been a burning controversial topic for a long. Therefore, a set of guidelines have been developed and the usage is allowed only under those conditions.

Available in forms of different objects, the basic categorization is done on this parameter and so the upcoming content details out on the Spy Camera Types.

The major categories

The following enlists down the common categories of the spy camera available on large scale in the market:

  • USB Flash drive spy camera, where the camera lens is positioned at the opposite end of the USB plug. The lens gets blended completely with the body color and the videos recorded are directly stored within the memory of the drive. Thus, it is the most common category that is known for its flexibility and portability.
  • Clock spy camera, where the lens is blended to lie either on the glass surface or the joint of the hands of the clock. It comes up in two different modes of Wi-Fi live and removable SD card storage. In the case of the former, you can easily view the happenings over some other device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the camera, whereas in the latter the videos get recorded within a micro SD card and can be inserted later to see the files.
  • Wi-Fi adapter spy camera, where the lens is positioned in between the positive and negative polarity symbols on the AC adapter. It can either be connected to Wi-Fi for streaming of the content on another device or linked to a micro SD card for storing the videos. It comes very handily in residential areas.
  • Micro camera, which is known for its high-definition recording of the videos till the range of 1080p. It has an average battery life of 1 hour and can easily be clubbed with smaller personal objects like shirt buttons or keychains.
  • Wearable spy camera, that comes in association with personal belongings like pens, watches, and headphones. It has properties of the capability of recording the quality up to 720p, battery life for a maximum of 2 hours, and internal memory at 8 GB.
  • Wireless spy camera, which holds the most advanced technology for this category. Apart from highly interactive passive infrared motion sensors, it also has the advanced battery life up to 90 days and the usability depends completely on the type and hours invested in detecting the motions around.

Thus, the perfect fit amongst the Spy Camera Types can be selected as per the budget limits, appliance to which the user is highly comfortable, and the desired mode of streaming the video content. Also, Do not buy before reading a spy camera review post from https://whatever-tech.com/best-wearable-spy-camera-reviews/ Be very sure to assess all of these pointers and take the required permissions from the regulatory bodies before using such technology in the personal space.


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