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Everybody has a thirst for gaining knowledge, and sometimes they cannot fulfill their craving for education from the sources available online. What if a site enlisting numerous unique articles related to mysterious things you did not know before? I didn’t know this website is the solution for your thirst for gaining knowledge.

Many people desire to share wondrous things with curious readers over the world. I didnt know this aims to provide mysterious expertise and creates a constant thirst in everybody’s mind to learn more and witness the universe things with an unbiased perspective. Thus, it is a group of learners and educationists who want to share incredible things that you did not know even existed ever.

Once you have entered the pool of knowledge available on this site and you will explore various mysterious things. Without any further ado, lets us see some extract of the blog available on the site.

  • The Historical Walk From The Chaturanga To Chess 

The chess game was initially known as chaturanga that means ‘four divisions’ in Sanskrit. But with its popularity to Persian Empire that is Sassanid Empire, it received its current terminology and name “chess” came from “shah” that means king, and “shah maut” means “checkmate” or the king is vulnerable.

The chess theory was born at the beginning of the enlightenment age; the game of chess moved from royal courts to café. The fight in chess was considered an intriguing dramatic play, encouraging bold moves and creative expression. This romantic chess style reached its heights of the evergreen game in 1851, where Adolf Anderssen conquered the rival by checkmate even after losing both rooks and queen.

  • How Harsh Weather Is Creating Natural Calamities In 2020

Even with the small changes in the conditions can result in much larger chaotic weather changes. For instance, the temperature of the earth has been risen by 1 degree Celsius after 150 years. You may think that it is just a small change, but that can add energy equal to approximately 1000000 nuclear warheads exposed in the atmosphere.

This significant change in the energy level has already lead to a tremendous increase in the number of droughts, heatwaves, and storm surges. Moreover, scientists worldwide agreed to dynamic changes in climate and human activities are behind the acceleration of these changes. However, the weather for next month will always be being a new mystery. Thus, we need to work together to protect the climate for future centuries to come.

  • Euro Tunnel Underneath The English Channel

The English sea channel Tunnel is one of the most important lanes globally, which connects England to France. Moreover, it combines two powerful European countries. Still, most of this channel’s histories have stormy weathers and rocky shores, which made it a dangerous prospect to use it as a crossing from one country to another.

Thus, I didn’t know this offers you will find plenty of daily news to help you gain tremendous knowledge and fulfill your thirst for knowledge.


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