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The 9-5 job life is quite messy, and building a track of what all things to be done in the day can become heftier too. One can undoubtedly build up a to-do list with the help of pen and paper, but it gets scattered, and the time is now asking for some change.

There are lots of productivity apps that can help you to get things done and stay on track. But it becomes quite challenging to choose the best one, as every app has a distinct feature, so below, we have listed down the top 5 apps, which are highly recommended to track the time and manage productivity.

Apps to get yourself organized:

  1. EverNote

There are lots of things that happen throughout the day, which has to be noted down for future use. So, Evernote is a note-taking app that will surely help to increase the productivity of anyone using it. One can even use the same note with their team; hence it becomes easier to take down photos, drawings, and lengthy research. This app works smoothly with Google Drive, Google calendar, and Dropbox too.

  1. Trello

Most of the apps have an annoying user interface, but Trello is different in this case. The app comes with a fantastic concept of boards and cards. There are multiple bulletin boards, along with some sticky notes. One can even set reminders at this app for any urgency. Also inviting teams to join and work is quite easy. The calendar features help the user to complete their work in the deadline itself. The reminder works automatically, and it will show up all the activities which are to be done in the coming three days.

  1. Pocket

While reading an article on any site, one can pocket the article and read it in the future. It’s a browser extension and works smoothly with Android as well as iPhone devices. One can even save a picture, video, or webpage by pocket. There is also a check out later list, and tagging friends is even more comfortable.

  1. Wunderlist

Most of the time, we forget to pick out some groceries from the grocery store, and that’s terrific. And in some cases, we often end up buying unnecessary stuff from the store. This app is designed in a way that it covers both tasks and subtasks, like going to the store is a task, and what all things are to be bought comes under subtask. There are reminders in the form of popups that will remind you of the task. Hence managing work even gets more comfortable.

  1. Hootsuite

Managing different social media posts is quite tricky, but it can be done if managed and scheduled correctly. Although this app doesn’t work for Instagram, it works smoothly for all other apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and all different social media accounts. The best feature of the app is it analyzes the data of the followers and suggests a proper time to post through which one can get the best engagement.

In this digitized world, all you can do is choose a set of definitive apps to make your life easier and hassle-free. All the above apps work smoothly with any device, be it a window, Android, or iOS.



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