Ways and profits of doing business ethically

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People still believe in the idea that sales are a job focused only on making money. Everybody out there wants to be paid fairly for the work they do. But the question is: if we can make excellent money being a quality seller.

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Why sellers out there give more importance to money, greed, and manipulate their customers? Why do sellers not promote respect, servant-leadership, trust between the seller and customer? Why is there a belief that doing business in the right way is impossible?

Below are the facts discussed, the business climate today, and the need to do business ethically.

Theory of consultative sales

This concept was introduced many years ago. In theory, consultative sales mean if the client discovers a need, he’ll purchase the product. So the seller asks manipulative questions and assumes that the buyer will develop a need and think of their product as the solution.

Sellers pretend to be supportive of the customer, showing care about the buyer’s need. Assuming that their job is to understand the buyer’s need and make them purchase the product as the solution, they disrespect the customer. 

Values to be taken care of

Salespeople represent a company ethically as they are the representatives who touch customers daily. They have interactions about the client’s needs and concerns also sellers share their thoughts and ideas. Sellers have the ultimate power of conveying client information back to the organizations.

Every successful company considers its salespeople as its brand ambassadors. The example salespeople

  • Delivery people
  • Tellers at banks
  • Technicians
  • Admin
  • Payment officer

Ultimately anybody who touches a customer is a salesperson, and every person must carry the company’s values. 

Sellers have the responsibility to create an ethical foundation on which businesses can flourish. Unless businesses heal, the world cannot heal. Companies will not exist if there are no sales.

Sellers are the way to promote companies’ values, a way to show what exactly the company stands for. 

What is needed to be done?

Suppose a company only wants to sell a product and enter the business market with the only idea of making money. In that case, the company is losing a significant opportunity to make a difference in the world.

The companies which commence businesses by creating a values-based organization will last longer than those that don’t. Those companies will thrive who

  • Care about people and their employees, customers, vendors, and partners
  • Care about the environment and support the manufacturing of product which do not harm the earth
  • Care about the ones in need by using their profits to help people in need

Most large businesses have charitable trusts working for the well being of the planet, environment, and people in need. But some companies give large sums for the welfare of the world, while their working ethics remain greedy, manipulative, and aggressive.

Sellers are responsible for customers, staff, and shareholders to work with proper ethics and serve them with respect, care, and make money. The way the salespeople connect, it is possible to make money and make nice.


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